No matter the location, each session is tailored to your family’s personality. During your pre-session consultation I will meet with you to create a plan focused on the art you’d like for your home and the magical qualities you want to capture in your family. Complete the contact form or call to book now (803) 443-8526.

Spiderman protecting AugustaFine Art Portraiture:

Is their something about your child that screams adventurer? Is your son or daughter obsessed with a particular super hero or character? Is he or she obsessed with soccer or dance or swimming? What ever his/her trait or interest, you can celebrate it with a fine art portrait. Give me a call or fill out the contact form and we will schedule a consultation and plan a session to create a piece of art that not only captures your child, but boosts his/her confidence and ignites his/her imagination.



sisters having fun at the studioModern Family portraiture:

Remove all of the distractions of the environment and all you are left with is your family and their personalities. Lets schedule a consultation so I can find out who you are as a family. We will discuss everyone’s personality and role and the family. I will coach you on clothing selections and you will help me with music selections.

Excellent choice for those of you who are interested in very large pieces of art of YOUR FAMILY. These sessions are great fun and high energy!



Family Lifestyle:

Your house as the backdrop and your everyday activities as the focus. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have professional pictures that actually show your home? Time goes by so quickly and soon those toy trains, Barbies or Legos will be in storage. Let me come and create a wonderful album or canvas of your family just the way it is… right now. If you aren’t into cleaning your house consider a sunset shoot. This session will take place at the golden hour (just after sunrise or just before sunset). I encourage clients to think about how and where they spend time outdoors so we can find a location that is meaningful to the family. Be ready for a fun filled, high energy session!