What to Expect

Relax! This is fun!!

Lifestyle photography is full of energy and connection! As you look through the images on this site, you will find that they capture the personality of children and families. My goal is to make images that feel honest. I want you to have images that remind your children on their childhood. Wether in your home, on location or in the studio, lifestyle photography is not at all like traditional portrait studio photography. The goal is not perfect, it is perfectly imperfect! It is the fun, loving, and real experiences of this moment in your family’s life. It is what makes you, you! Each session is tailored to your family’s personality.

I will come by your house (or we can meet in my studio) two weeks before your session. I will get to know you, find out what your goals, help you decide on clothing, and make a plan.  The actual session will last up to 2 hours. Don’t worry about your kids’ behavior. My job is to catch images inspired by life. That includes grumpy, bouncy, and crying. I will also capture sweet, loving and joyful😊!

Two weeks after the session, you will join me at my studio. I will present you with your gallery and help you choose your prints and album.

The goal is not perfect, it is perfectly imperfect!