Relax! This is fun!!

Here at Christine McKeel Photography we are all about creativity, high energy, and connection! As you look through the images on this site, you will find that they capture the personality of children and families. My goal is to make images that feel honest–even the fantasy images. I want you to have images that remind your children of their childhood. The goal is not perfect, it is perfectly imperfect! It is the fun, loving, and real experiences of this moment in your family’s life. It is what makes you, you! Each session is tailored to your child’s or family’s personality.

The process starts with the end in mind. A consultation in your home will help you decide what you want from the process. Then I will get to know you and learn about your family members. From there we will decide where, when and how to create art that will be cherished long after we are gone. We will discuss themes, clothing, costumes, and props. Modern art, fine art or lifestyle? I will help you decide and ensure that you are in love with the experience and the outcome.

After the photographs are taken we will make an appointment for you and all other deciders to meet at the Christine McKeel Photography studio on Laurens Street in Aiken. I will help you choose your wall art and images for your Artistic Memories Box. Your order will be placed that day and you will have your artwork within four weeks!